Music Perception

What age is appropriate to start voice lessons?

Since the majority of voice lessons are focused on technique, it is best that the student be around 12 years of age. Some can start earlier (but not many), and some should start much later. It all depends on the emotional maturity of the student. The voice is a very personal thing, and often young students take any desire to improve technique as negative criticism of their voice. For children who would like to sing but may be too young for private instruction, I recommend starting in a voice class called Spotlights or Boys Will Be Boys at the Wausau Conservatory that is designed especially for grades 1-2 and 3-4. In a class setting, kids can learn the basics of singing, without the focus on their personal voice. It is best to set up a free consultation so that I can meet with you and your child and determine what their comfort level is.