Music Perception

Will my child have time for lessons?

Schedules are more hectic than ever, and as a child gets older, they generally add more to their plate. I recommend to parents that a child not have more than 3 extracurricular activities at once, sometimes less depending on the demands of the activity. Any more than this, and the child will be pressed for time to do homework, practice their instrument, or just spend time with family and friends. Without time for homework, grades go down. Without time for their instrument, they will not play to thier satisfation and will soon become frustrated and quit. Without time for family and friends result in distant relationships. These are very stressful conditions to place on a child!

So when scheduling activities for your child, consider that lessons don’t just entail 30 minutes a week that you have to drive them there and back. They will have to practice 5-7 days a week (every day is optimal, but if they must miss a day or two, it is best that they do not happen in a row). Practice times can range anywhere from 15 minutes per day to 3-4 hours per day! There are also the monthly group lessons that last one hour.

I certainly don’t mean to discourage or overwhelm, but if a child takes lessons that they simply do not have the time for, it will end in frustration, and possibly turn them off to the instrument altogether. It is best that they drop something if they have a full load already, or wait to take lessons when it can be a priority.