Music Perception

Why take piano lessons?

Music is everywhere in our lives: not only in the home, but on TV, in cars, in stores, in churches, at fairs, and pretty much anywhere you can think of. Creating music is very rewarding for the individual, as it not only gives one a way to unwind after a hard day, there are many side benefits as well. And piano offers its own benefits not found in other instruments.

Piano studies increase a child’s ability in abstract reasoning, a skill necessary for math and science. Being able to play to a steady beat increases a child’s ability to bounce a basketball. Since playing the piano involves using both hands simultaneously, it is one of the few activites that uses most of the brain (about 90%!).

There are a myriad of other studies out there on the subject, as science is discovering what musicians have known all along: that music makes a person more well-rounded. I’d rather not focus on the side benefits of piano, however, becuase the real reason why someone should study piano is direct: it’s a beautiful instrument with tons of beautiful music written for it at any level of playing and in most styles. It is a discipline that requires hard work, but everyone can learn to play and get enjoyment at any level. Many people find careers in non-music fields, and so by taking piano lessons, the student will have a way to be creative and expressive when they are older, which may not be possible in their 9-5 job.