Music Perception

Vocal Videos

August 15th, 2009

Here are videos that I have found useful in teaching voice students. It is very important when studying voice to understand that kind of sound that is ideal for the voice to make, regardless of the style you sing in. It is the same instrument, and works ideally one way. Scroll down for Female Voice examples.

Male Voices

Tenor Fritz Wunderlich shows the ideal position of the tongue when singing:

Baritone Titta Ruffo shows off full-voiced singing. Note his covering on the higher notes:

Baritone Lawrence Tibbett demonstrates chest and falsetto. Note the falsetto is clear and hooty:

Baritone Nelson Eddy sings the Volga Boat Song. Note how much falsetto is in the sound on high notes that are soft:

Tenor Jerry Hadley showing great coordination and covering:

Female Voices

Soprano Emmy Destinn demonstrates perfect coordinated sound:

Contralto Ernestine Schumann-Heink shows us how the pros yodel:

Two great examples of coordinated sound, “chiaroscuro,” soprano Renata Tebaldi and mezzo Guilietta Simionato:

Maria Callas showing the expressive capabilities of a coordinated voice:

Monserrat Caballe sings Mozart from the Marriage of Figaro: